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Thread: Grand Opening! New printed fabric tailmaker

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    Grand Opening! New printed fabric tailmaker

    Hi, I'm OrcaMatt. You might remember me from such threads as Hey! Let's Start A Tail-Making Company! Well, the tail company chronicled therein has officially launched, so check it out!

    We print your tail designs, and offer an ever-growing selection of tails from a group of talented independent artists and tail designers.

    We're offering printed tails at a New Tailmaker Discount of $200, because we're looking to get some work out there into the hands of the community to test and evaluate. This is the first run of PRODUCTION tests, after three runs of pre-production tests, which turned out quite well! So if you want to help us test and grab a tail at a deep discount, have a look!

    Currently printing on 1.5mm scuba knit, and shipping open flukes with velcro closures.

    So check it out, and check back often for the latest designs!

    Serious Sirenetics

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    Congrats on the launch!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turritella View Post
    Congrats on the launch!
    Thank you!

    Serious Sirenetics


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