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Thread: New Mermaid!

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    New Mermaid!

    Hi, I'm an aspiring mermaid here. My mersona's name is Melody del Mar (translation: song from the sea). I am currently saving up for my first fabric tail (being a broke college student makes it difficult) and am working toward earning numerous diving certifications and am also hoping to be a PADI certified mermaid. I am hoping to learn, make new friends, and enjoy geeking out with all of you. I'm happy to have found a community where we can all share our love of mermaiding!
    I am entering into my final year of college in the Midwest. I am majoring in ecology with minors in communication studies and psychology. In 2023, I will attend James Cook University in Australia to pursue a marine biology degree with specializations in coral reef conservation and fisheries. My hobbies include swimming, reading, learning languages, playing with my puppy, practicing the ukulele, and playing tennis.
    If there's anything else you'd like to know, reply to the thread! I'd love to talk with all of you lovely merfolk!
    Shell ya later!
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    Hi! Welcome to the community Melody! I also enjoy reading. I was wondering if you enjoy a specific genre? Personally i enjoy fantasy and fiction but i also enjoy the occasional how-to book.

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    I love fantasy/fiction, sci-fi, and the occasional romance novel.


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