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Thread: Hi, I'm Lily!

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    Hi, I'm Lily!

    Hi everyone, I'm Divine Waterlily - Lily for short! Mermaid comin' at ya from the three rivers of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! I got my first tail a few years ago and started swimming on my own before learning that there's a whole lotta merfolk out there and ended up going to my first big mermaid event just before the world shut down, leaving me landlocked for over a year. Now that things are clearing up somewhat I'm hoping to find mer-friends and places to go swimming in my area.

    When I'm not in the water I spend my time playing and over-analyzing video games with aspirations of making my own and mix-and-matching fancy outfits to feel extra. I'm hoping to start hosting fancy dinner parties for a small group of friends soon. I tend to be a tad over-the-top when I do things, but it's a trait appreciated by the company I keep.

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    Hi! Welcome to the community. I'm new to mermaiding, but I'm really looking forward to it.

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    Hello Lily! I'm glad that you at the very least got to participate in a merfolk gathering before quarantine, sadly i only recently started participating in the mermaiding community and with covid restrictions in my area still in place there has only been one gathering this year which i only found out about two days after the fact.


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