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Thread: Mermaid Linden Monofin Strap Heel broken

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    Mermaid Linden Monofin Strap Heel broken

    Hey everyone,

    my 2 monofins of the "mermaid linden" bodyglove brand, have their strap heel broken. Like the rubber just snapped, just if it was cut with a knife.

    It is very frustrating....

    Does anyone had this problem before and is there any way to replace the strap heel?

    It seems on bodyglove/mermaid linden website that they don't sell any replacements



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    Body Glove will sell you a replacement, you just have to email their customer service and they'll set you up

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    If you haven't already, do a search for, Fin Strap Replacement, and get the one with little holes on it. The silicone is much thicker than the Linden straps.
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