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Thread: Ladonna Mermaid Thailand - legitimacy?

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    Ladonna Mermaid Thailand - legitimacy?

    Hi everyone! Iím new to this forum and the mermaid culture in general, although Iím more of a merman or merperson, Iím non-binary. Iíve recently purchased my first monofin (a Linden) and ordered a Mertailor Guppy tail to use while I learn and make my own tail (Iíve got reasonable sewing skills and Iíve done my research). Neither of these have arrived yet, as I live in New Zealand and shipping times are horrendous, but thatís beside the point.

    Anyway, Iíve been seeing a lot of content on Instagram, both ads and standard posts, from a company called Ladonna Mermaid based in Thailand, and I canít find much info on them anywhere. I was wondering if anyone has had any dealings with them, and how trustworthy the company is? Their tails are absolutely gorgeous but seem extraordinarily cheap for custom-sized fabric tails (around $250 USD, give or take).

    If this is a legitimate company, does anyone know what monofins their tails fit? I donít want to buy another monofin until the first one arrives and I know for sure that Iíll like mermaiding, although I canít imagine I wonít! Iíve grown up practically in the ocean and spend a lot of time snorkelling, Iím also a certified open water diver.

    Side-note: I know a majority of tailmakers make tails for the Mahina, but I personally donít like the shape of it, so Iíd like to avoid that one if I can.

    Thanks so much for reading this!! Hope you have a great day :)
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    if it looks too good to be true, it usually is. i wouldn't trust it as it may be one of the myriad of scammers out there.
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    They use a knock off Fin Fun monofin.
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