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Thread: Reviews about the casino

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    Reviews about the casino

    Let's be honest, some of us wanted to try casino. Especially after watching Rounders (or maybe I'm just that old). I came across many online ones (the pandemic, alas), but I have no idea what to start with. Anyone can give recommendations about the safety of Or maybe some other casinos?
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    Not a huge fan of gambling, just a habitual player who plays to relax from time to time, but this one looks nice. I googled it and the reviews are pretty positive. Like, the good bonus terms and conditions and pretty fast payouts. Some mentioned good customer service. Sure, do your own research beforehand.

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    There's a pretty nice and big collection of slots. Everything is colorful and good-looking, I think it's important since we're all spoiled with computer games and can't ignore the visual part. I think this casino will be good for beginners as well cause of this.

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    Thanks for your feedback!
    Your positive reviews convinced me to try this online casino. Started playing at this casino 2 days ago.Very pleased with Having been a member for a short time I deposited $100 and won! Withdrawal was painless. 10/10

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    Looks like scam to me tbh. But if everything is fine and you are okay with that -- then it's cool. I hope these games won't attach you to themselves very much, as a sort of addiction I mean
    I know that it can hurt. However, let me hug you.


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