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Thread: New merman shaman from the Pacific Northwest!

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    Post New merman shaman from the Pacific Northwest!

    Hello there all!

    I created this account quite some time ago and have felt the pull to get back into the merfolk community.

    I've felt drawn to merfolk since I was a little kid when I first watched the little mermaid and there was just something about them I couldn't put my finger on but I wanted to be one. Went so far as to try magic spells when I was a young teen to turn myself into one and got a little to carried away turning into a cringefest thinking back to it.

    It's always been in the back of my mind but I've been pursuing shamanism lately and journeying on my soul and merfolk keep coming up. I figure I get back into this site to try and find like other merfolk like myself to share experiences and communicate with.

    Are there any pod meetups around the Pacific Northwest if anyone knows about?

    I bought my first tail recently from Fin Fun to see if it felt right and it fits me perfectly. This is who I am and what I want to be.

    Would love to hear from whomever responds to message and dive deeper into this merfolk world

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    Hello The Familiar Stranger welcome back. There used to be a seattle mer group who used to do weekly meetups at a mer-friendly pool but to my knowledge they have not hosted a meetup since covid started. Unfortunately I have not found any other groups hosting any meetups in Washington other than the aforementioned group, but there are a few Washington pod facebook groups if you feel inclined to organize a meetup yourself, I don't remember the group names off the top of my head but you just have to search using keywords to find them.

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    Thank you for the information!

    I actually joined the group and started stirring things up in the group to start making meetups again. I've actually been making events in the group at a few pools and been meeting the all the mers. Makes me really happy that I can finally be doing this, it's been such a wonderful and crazy journey. Got a custom FF4 tail in the works with a local artist as well.

    If you'd like join us for swims sometime join the Merfolk Pod of Seattle and keep an eye on the events page! We have one going on this Saturday at Bellevue!

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    Thank you for the information, sadly I don't think i will be able to make it this time but i'll be keeping an eye out for any other meetups that do not conflict with my schedule.

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    Good to see you back and glad you feel yourself in your tail! The shamanism sounds pretty cool, but I admit I know little about that path


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