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Thread: Where can I find details on long tail making and video and vertical fins

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    Where can I find details on long tail making and video and vertical fins

    Hi everyone!

    I remember seeing some videos of a student film or something in some indoor pools with a number of merfolk in tails that were long and extended past the monofins to have an extra fluke another foot or three down, looking extra serpentine/inhuman at the cost of swimming speed. Anyone remember where those videos are/know if they've been taken down/have ideas on how to make a longer tail? Especially one with a vertical caudal fin?

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    I know the one you mean. I tried searching it on youtube with no results.

    There is, Aquata Mermaid. She makes extended tails that are quite beautiful.

    And, Mermaid Lucia has snake tails. Inside is an articulated plastic spine for the snake movements but it doesn't use a monofin. You'd need pure strength to be able to swim in them. She has a youtube channel too, so you can see many snakes swimming about.
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