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Thread: Longing for halloween.

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    Longing for halloween.

    Being left alone for a week from both familiy and friends besides that i have issues just living that way being autistic and not autonomous but as long as they holidays are fun without me alas they do not care i'm boring to death and also scared and sick and longing lonely for when they come back but more so for Halloween...who else can't way 20 days more and just want to do stuff about the celebration? I've already make a list of recipe, some themed fanfiction, choosed my costume and am soon to start select a playlist and you? What are you doing for the pumpkin day?

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    I live by myself too although I'm not autistic. My family live very close by, across the street! We use zoom to connect with family overseas. In Australia, we don't celebrate Halloween as it isn't a part of our traditional holidays. Unless you're American, of which we are not. In the past, I have seen kids go trick and treat, but I don't think that is safe because of stranger danger. It is fine, if you know the people in your street and have hung out with their kids etc. But a bunch of strange kids, I do not know, knocking on my door asking for candies seems sus!
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    First thanks for answer. I'm still sick but a bit better (and tested covid negative so reassured, want to do vaccine soon but scared at same times with all the horror stories people talk about some people who got it so still hesitates) but still lonely though people are supposed to come back in a few days, i've learned i technically could manage my home alone if i needed it for pure survival some day but it's exhausting for me so much to manage every thing alone that it's costly for my mental health that got precarious when i must do it and i barely manage to live alone a few weeks for now longer i would clearly not be able unless if it meant lower my living standards to a potentially dangerous level.

    Well i'm french so Halloween isnt exactly traditionnal even if in some celtic part of France i have origins from it do have more ancient roots mostly it's celebrated here from 90's us importation of the american style Halloween but i was a more or less goth leaning kid at the time and loved it a lot plenty of found memories . Yeah i understand some people dont do it for cultural reasons. Well i was thinking to do it indoor way less fun but more safe with pandemic still going on like decorate the house all over, buy the candies try to invite a few old known people from family and friends and let a trick here or there in the house but it's a bit removing half the fun it might be necessary not to go out with bands of full strangers for sure but i wonder if i get vaccinated maybe going out in some place they do the party might worth it still I dont know i've not set my opinion on the best way to party and on if i got the courage to risk vaccine yet.
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