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Thread: Lucia fish fin compatibility

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    Lucia fish fin compatibility

    Has anyone tested the Lucia monofin in a Mertailor Fantasea 3 tail skin? I've been watching all the review videos I can find, trying to figure out how the dimensions compare, but I can't find any direct comparisons. I think that the Lucia monofin will be too long when measuring from heels to where the fin splits, and maybe also too narrow at the tips to fill out the Mertailor fluke, but it would be amazing if anyone has photos of the two monofins directly compared, or has tested the combination out and could let me know.

    In Courtney Mermaid's video, she measures the Lucia fin (21.5 inches from heel to the split) and shows it compared to several other monofins, but not a Mertailor 3. I've seen the 3 compared to the Fantasea 1, 2, and 4, and the Lucia compared to the Fantasea 1, so I can kind of triangulate the sizes, but would feel more confident if I could get actual measurements in inches or cm.

    Thank you to anyone who can help!

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    Updating in case anyone else is also looking for this information~

    So I reached out to Lucia directly, and it looks like their Fish Fin is a pretty tight but doable fit in both the Mertailor Whimsy 2 and 3 skins. I haven't found any videos of people swimming with either of those combos, but at least dry, they look like they fit without distorting the skins. The Lucia (of course) does not fully fill up either of those tail shapes, so there would be trailing bits that are just fabric.

    The Fish Fin also looks like it will fit inside most of the FinFolk flukes.

    Of course, the Lucia isn't the recommended monofin for either of these tailmakers, so I'd still appreciate any info from anyone who has actually tested it out in the water for safety, propulsion, and fit.

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