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Thread: Hi! New mermaid from SoCal!

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    Hi! New mermaid from SoCal!

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Yani. I'm brand new to this site but have been a mermaid enthusiast for awhile. I borrowed a tail a few years ago for a photoshoot and recently bought a secondhand finfolk fabric tail. I'm from SoCal and recently graduated with my masters from UCSB in environmental science. I work as a wildlife biologist and joined this site because I got asked to be a mermaid for the CA Seaweed Festival this weekend by my friend who is helping organize the event. I'm a bit overwhelmed but excited and it finally gave me the push to join the community here. I'd love to meet some other mermaids in LA area because I'm a bit shy and nervous about diving into this by myself :P

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    Hi Yani, welcome to the group!
    Have fun at the festival. Think about how to answer the typical questions (Are you really mermaid? What do you eat? Where did you get the tail? And so on.) Also, its good to have a tender in case someone tries to harass you.
    I may be one of the closest members to you, living in Simi Valley. In the summer I sometimes swim at harbor cove beach in Ventura. Maybe we will meet sometime.
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