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Thread: Meet Mermaid Marvel 💜

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    Meet Mermaid Marvel 💜

    Hello! My name is mermaid Marvel. I swim in a MerTailor hybrid silicone and neoprene tail named "Huckleberry" (because she is my huckleberry fin). As a freshwater mermaid from Flathead lake I work mostly in Montana but am available for events all over the world. I recently started Mercariously as a safe space for people to live vicariously as a mermaid!

    Adventure awaits! I hope you will join me!

    "When you're young you experience magic, when you get older you create magic, but whatever you do don't lose the magic!" -Mermaid Marvel

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    Hello Mermaid Marvel, It is wonderful to meet you.

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    Thank you! It's marvelous to meet you too!
    ~Mermaid Marvel
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