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Thread: A very metal way to be environnementally friendly to great white sharks.

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    A very metal way to be environnementally friendly to great white sharks.

    I've learn about it here :

    Some scientists have discovered that death metal music do attracts great white sharks. It's not only a fun story it's also very useful to them as it does give them a way to study the great white sharks or attracts them without a bait which is a more environnemental friendly and animal rights careful method to be near to the great white sharks even though the music atttracts them because it sounds to them like struggling fish and make them wants to be near what might be a great new meal in their mouths. The similarity between death metal sound and struggling fish sound to a great white shark ear they explain is due to both having a similar low rumbling frequency. Off course their for scientists using this method to attract the great white sharks needs to protect themselves from the hungry sharks but they know how to do it therefore to my knowledge none of them using this method for study great white sharks as ever been hurt. Off course i would never recommand that method to someone not a shark specialist who knows how to protect themselves doing so but i'm happy to share knowledge here about people going imaginative to find better ecological methods to study marine life. I had always suspected great white sharks to be hardcore metalheads anyway (last sentence just joking), lol.

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    Good to know that sharks have a good music taste.

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    This is delightful.

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    Thanks you all. On the topic of marine animals enjoying music people who study cetaceans like a well known guy named Paul Spong who works with orcas : also says that cetaceans do have a extraordinary acoustic memory. He gets orcas select the human music they liked, the ones he worked with were into Mozart, Miles Davis, Rolling Stones, and Ravi Shankar. They also said that sadly most zookeeper knows that music is good for this mammals to get them the rich environnement they do need but can't really get them good tune very often nor at all due to being restricted in their work by time constraint. Indeed research on animal communication with music is vast now also for terrestrial animals because music really seems to be a easier way of interspecie communication than language which is a skill in what humans are kind of hyper specialized in compared to most of the rest of animals or so it seems in the actual state of the research.

    Here : they even says that music research helped them find more proof of fishes intellectual abilites as they manage to make koi carp differentiate blues from classical and even goldfishes to be able to tell Bach from Stravinsky. Quite impressive.

    Animal species seems to have a specie related reaction to human music some being indifferent other liking it but we're not the only one with specific individual music taste, gorillas do vary in the music they most like individually also :

    Paul Spong tried to know if cetaceans would have the same thing but it's hard to be sure since they seem to be mostly into learning new musics rather than going back to a same tune they like for some long time according to what i've read in the articles linked. For the moment it helped in the fact that they discover that cetaceans at least enjoy human music as a reward for their good behavior in a zoo setting.

    I'm autistic and sometimes i get mute unable to speak, in that kind of times i'm very more understanding music than language, of course that not the case for all autistics people and may be very influenced by the fact that i have a pretty big specific interest in music but still i wonder with all of that if language evolved from music and not the reverse with all the thing music can express words cannot. Well i get on pretty weird speculation here. Let's stop before i'll get way too far in that kind of stuff. Well, i forgot to mention it so i may now to be complete add that in the article of the beginning their use of the death metal way to attract great white sharks was inspired by 1970's researchers who did attracts them sucessfully with some heavy metal at the times this specie of shark was very attracted apparently to ACDC song Highway to Hell. So at least great white sharks have scientifically proven that they rocks .
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