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Thread: Mertailor Silicone Tail..... (should I?)

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    it's really sad people need to suck up to him to get a good tail. :\ maybe we should set this group so only members can view certain threads so people can feel free to talk the truth without fear of the wrath of the mighty mertailor

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    I think that's been done... at least on mer.yuku.
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    I think it's really really sad that people feel that they can't speak their mind in fear of getting a bad product. It's not just people being afraid either that is the worst- it's that he's actually threatened a less than quality product for people who have deemed him less than perfect. As in "it was a bit too big" was unacceptable to him and wanted this person to say that the tail was perfect. I know, people come to me for help worried about it. I think this says a LOT about his professionalism. It doesn't matter if you have a beef with someone- you make them a quality product every time. The unprofessional nature he exhibits really just blows my mind.

    I can make certian parts of the board members only, but he can fake an IP and create a user name to get around the bans in place. If he wants to read the forum, he's going to.

    Nerissa, I really hope your tail turns out! I wish the best for you

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    Nerissa, I am praying for your tail to be very wonderful
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    Thank you! This tail just has to be good. It has to be worth it. Truth will out, and my parents are going to find out, especially Dad, because I'm going to need him to help me fetching it at the post office, and the whole house is going to smell, as I've heard. I really hope he makes me the tail I've payed for. I hope he knows what he's doing. Even if people aren't always just writing good things about him, they always deserve to get what they pay for.

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    I agreed. He seems to put most of the effort into his silicone tails anyway from what I am seeing. I haven't heard too many negative things- just that they're really heavy for swimming which is going to happen no matter who your tail maker is, and that they chip easily and im not sure what you could do about that. But he seems to really like working hard on the silicone and I know he wants good feedback. So I'm sure you'll get the tail of your dreams- Claudio did and he's been over the moon! <3

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    Yay! That's what I thought, that he gives most effort in his silicone tails. I really, really hope so! I look forward to see how it turns out.

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    Ooo I am very jealous of you Nerissa (i covet the Silicone tails; wish I got one before the rpice went up!!) but thrilled that you are getting a tail! What color scheme are you getting?

    As far as the negative reviews go just stay positive; i took a chance on mertailor too and my tail is on it's way to me right on schedule. <3 There is always hope!
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    I really hope your tail will be as he promises as well! The colours I asked for were black as base, with red and copper. What colour is your tail?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nerissa View Post
    I really hope your tail will be as he promises as well! The colours I asked for were black as base, with red and copper. What colour is your tail?
    Ooo I bet that is going to be sweet! If I ever get a silicone tail I will go for a fire themed color palate. My latex tail is green; it's the one he posted recently saying it was on it's way to Texas.

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    Just got my shipping notice & tracking number from him! Of course it will probably arrive on my doorstep minutes after I leave for the airport (I'm headed to the New Orleans Burlesque Festival to perform at the House of Blues on Friday night!) & my Husband will torment me with teaser pics till i get home on Sunday.

    For point of reference I ordered my tail on July 29th so we are right at the 6 week mark. I paid for 2 day shipping as well. he posted this pic of it on Sunday:

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    Looks great Scarlet!

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    Im sooo glad you're getting it in time yay! *high fin* I saw on his page a few people complaining about tails that were ordered in may (comments ended up deleted) so I was feeling VERY nervous for you ladies. I think all the public pressure has him making sure he's getting them out on time and good quality which is exactly the way it should be Make sure you post a review too, I hope it's everything you dreamed of and good luck this weekend!

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    Awesome! I really hope it fits and all!

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    Oh wow, that's beautiful!!!

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    It's here and it's awesome! Will post in a new thread.

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    well ive also ordered a tail by eric and he lett me wait 7 month and after all it does not suit well and he forgot to make any extras ive payed for so after all i cannot say anything good about him.
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    I haven't been here in a long while. Hmm.... I ordered this tail innnn... August. And now I received an email from the staff. They said that the tail and top are almost complete. I really hope he did it right. I get really... skeptical when Eric Ducharme didn't write the email himself. Even after I apologized he's still angry. I really hope he didn't ruin the tail, I hope it fits me and looks and feels as good as the price was difficult to handle. If not, I don't know what to do. I took money from my saving fund to afford this tail. It will take months to save that money again. And I can't let my mother know this. She will crack.
    Wow, how much power Ducharme has right now. Wow.

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    So wait a second, you paid for it in August and it's now the middle of November? That's insane? What did you apologize for?! and what exactly does he mean by "staff" since he's constantly saying he doesn't have assistants and does everything himself? It's absolutely inexcusable to withhold your tail for 3 months because he's "angry". Perhaps you should start a new thread about this all. Customers shouldn't have to be afraid of Eric, he should be afraid of us.

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    That's right. You're absolutely right! I was apologizing because... hmmm... actually, I didn't need to apologize. It was just a small minor.
    They said the tail was delayed because of some... I don't remember, but I guess they are using that reason every time. Wow. I hope I never have to contact Ducharme ever again. The guy is so full of himself. Too full of himself after all that's happened.

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