hello! im new to mermaiding, and im trying to figure out how to cost-effectively and accurately make an otter merman tail, specifically with the flukes. I'm not sure which would work/look better/more realistic.

i have two options, my first being a finis luna monofin. I'm exploring the idea of the back legs being fused, though im unsure that this would look realistic, as the front legs will be my arms (getting webbed gloves), and i fear the distance between them would look unlike an otter, along with it just seeming unnatural. Though, otters do swim with their back paws close together, so again i dont know.

my second option is bifins, which i already own from swim team years back. This would be cost effective, as the only thing i'd need to buy is general sewing materials and my custom printed fabric (which im not sure how to do,, any help would be appreciated along with my fluke-dilemma). It would also look more realistic, as obviously otters dont have fused paws, and i could move them slightly independently. But, i'm a little worried about the comfort and fin-shaping, i think it might look weird stretching over the fins like that, even if i do shape it a little with my fabric.

does anyone have any tips on fabric printing, and ideas on which option for flukes i should go for?

thank you in advance, very appreciated! <3