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Thread: Hello from the Puget Sound

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    Hello from the Puget Sound

    Hi, I'm Koko! This is my first time joining a community for mermaids even though it was something I've been wanting to do for a while. I started swimming with a Finis Monofin about three years ago...I haven't really leveled up from just swimming with one yet. No tail, no pod, nothing. I'm hoping to meet people here and get guidance and meet others. Information is hard to get y'all lol.

    Happy to be here, I look forward to meeting others and hopefully connecting with a possible pod.


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    Hello, welcome!
    Kind of thinking this forum is mostly dead currently, as most forums these days tend to be. Either way, enjoy your time here!

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    Shello! There are several pods in the puget sound area, Seattle Merfolk and WISP, hope you find one soon!

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    Hello from Canada!

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    Hi Koko,

    Welcome on the forum!
    Hope you'll find a nice pod soon...
    Greetings from merCintha from the Netherlands!

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    Hi all, I am new here. I love mermaids and that is why I made my account over here after finding out that this forum website is all about mermaids. I was searching for a legit safe site online through which I can take help to complete my essay assignments because I am not so good at writing an essay assignment. While searching for it online, I found this website and without wasting my time, I made my account here. I will visit here every day to find out something new about mermaids.
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