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Thread: San Diego Mers?

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    San Diego Mers?

    Hi there! I just moved over around La Jolla and I was wondering if there were any local pods or groups around.

    Also, are there any swim location suggestions? (pools or natural) La Jolla cove looks pretty, but I don't know if it would be safe to bring a tail there.

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    Hi! I am somewhat semi new to the community myself and I live in North County San Diego. It is a little difficult to find pools that accommodate tails since most have a policy against it because of children that have used them unsafely in the past. Some of the lifeguards Iíve contacted at my local pool think that if a child sees a ďmermaidĒ that it will encourage them to get a tail too which is why they ban it even though Iíve had years of swim team/lifeguard experience myself. Itís a little silly at times and it makes trying to find places frustrating. But sometimes I use my gymís 24 hour fitness pool or use the YMCA pools since they donít really have any quarrel with it for the most part. Those gym/ymca pools however I use my smaller fin fun/ fantasea 1 fin tails since there are sometimes crowds/ pre-spaced swimming lanes which make the space tighter. Iíve heard some parts of Mission Bay are calm enough to swim in but I havenít tried it yet. Itís tricky to find nature swims because you would think that San Diego has all these opportunities for mermaid tails but a lot of the waves and beaches are rough/ have waves with high swells and I donít get too comfortable to swim there, and some of the lakes are not swimmable. I would love to get in touch though to find swimming places! I know coronadoís hotel del also does like a mermaid fitness class, I havenít tried it due to long distance/price. Iíve been trying to find more people in the area though!

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    I just moved to San Diego as well! I'm located in South Park. I haven't found a place to swim yet but would love to meet some other mers in the area! I have just joined the YMCA to get back into regular swimming since I haven't had access to a pool since the pandemic started.


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