Greetings and salutations.

So, I am Nimue, or the Blue Mermaid, or The Lady of the (other) Lake. Or the merm.

So it's funny, because as a kid, I didn't like swimming as much as playing in the sand. I'm not quite sure I know what switched it, but once I started swimming under water, I really loved the water.

And then obviously, I grew up with the Little Mermaid, Barbie Mermadia, and of course, the very formative merm scene from Hook.

Started getting interested in mermaiding for real when I saw Nermaid Faith's videos in 2014. I got a Luna Monofin in 2018, and now I just got my first tail skin I ordered!

I am a disabled mermaid, with POTS (and some other thingies) so any tips and tricks from other spoonie merms would be helpful!

I also cosplay and sew, but my day-job currently is being an author. I do need some merms in my fantasy series. (also, edit: I'm located in central Virginia. So ayy.)

It's a pleasure to be here in this giant pod of merms!