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Thread: Mermaid from the Netherlands

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    Mermaid from the Netherlands

    Hello everyone!

    So, I finally decided to register here and get my own account.
    I've come by lots of useful topics before already, about making your own monofin, 3D fabric tails, comparations of different kinds of monofins... And so on.

    I'm a single mom, my son is 5 years old, and already showing interest in Merman swimming himself. I've kind of taught myself, as there was no mermaid classes anywhere nearby, and only recently I started the Padi Mermaid/Mermaid Advanced course, and I wish to do the professional follow-ups of Mermaid Instructor, and Mermaid Instructor Trainer as well, in the hopefully nearby future. I really like mermaiding, and collected several different secondhand tails and fins in kids sizes because I got lots of positive reactions and thus decided to help others share this amazing experience. Now, ever since I started doing this, last autumn, kids of all ages, both boys and girls, as well as teens, and some moms and dads have tried Mermaiding with me, in shallow water, and whenever I go to the nearest swimming pool, kids will gather at the gate and ask me if I brought tails.

    They are always very happy and grateful when I do, those who've done it before, as well as those trying it the first time. Ofcourse I always stay on guard and be sure it's safe, I am responisble.

    I dream of making my own (neoprene, 3D) tail, and fin, although I'm in love with several tails I've seen and trying to save money for them.

    Rightnow I have a Mermaid Kat monofin, and I recently was able to take over a secondhand Mahina, however, I'm not yet friends with the Mahina, as the footpockets were way to wide, and quite uncomfortable. I think, perhaps I got it too big, and need a smaller size, but for now I'm first going to try it with neoprene diving socks.

    I would definitely be interested in used and/or broken monofins or tails to fix and give a new life.

    I live in the North of Holland, so if you'd live nearby and wish to swim together sometime, please let me know.

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    Hello everyone, I am also new here. I love mermaids and that is why I made my account over here. I don't even know there is a site on mermaids too. I found your post when I was looking for the website link on google search. I was searching for it online because I am not so good at searching for a site online through which I can hire an essay writer.
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