For a free vengeance. I just passed my whole day pissed off by conversations with misogynistic asshole pretending they werent sexist and i was crazy for pointing how they were so. While many other women pointed the same things i did being similarly mocked by said stupid arrogant paternalistic creepy guys and frankly i'm over it i'm done i'm just sick of being patient and pedagogical with woman haters! I have enough damn i wanted to spend my day doing something else than correct their self servingly willinglly ignorant point of view while being tone policed by them for not telling them to stop being sexists pigs "nicely" enough for masters to daign to be faintly less condescending. Therefore...i know the remedy...girls just feel free to be as misandrist as you can here. I'm usually not but it's been one of those days when you pass the whole day feeling and thinking "jeez guys" all the time so if any one else wants or need some place to just bash guys to relax from such awful kind of moments well...i guess it was a needed topic. Don't worry guy we're not real man haters we just truly need some place to vent about some guys.