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Thread: Selling Purple and Pink Neoprene lined, silicone coated/scaled Tail

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    Selling Purple/Pink Neoprene lined, silicone coated/scaled Tail. **PRICE NEGOTIABLE**

    Hi Mers,

    I purchased a custom silicone tail a couple of years ago that didn't end up fitting me when I got it. It's lined with neoprene and has dragon skin silicone on the outside. It's light pink and purple with a hint of light blue, 3D scales and a pearlescent/iridescent top coat to make it more shiny and sparkly. It's very girly. I never wore it, because it didn't fit or I couldn't figure out how to put it on once I got it. It has never touched water, but you can use it in fresh or salt water. The tail is beautiful and high quality. I paid over $800 for it so I am asking for $800 plus shipping. I live in SoCal, so if you live somewhere near by I can bring it to you and you wont have to pay for shipping. I am really petite, I am 5 feet tall, I was 115 pounds when I purchased the tail, and size six shoe (the monofin inside can fit a larger or smaller shoe size). I will include the measurements and a picture below. If you want more pictures I would be glad to send them. I feel so bad the tail has been stored in a closet for years and she needs to go to a good home where someone can actually get some use out of her. It would make a great Christmas present for a teenager or you can use it for mermaid parties, etc. Please let me know if you have any questions

    This is a re-post of a classified I put up a while ago. To clarify this tail is a neoprene lined tail and is covered in dragon skin silicone, with scales that are stamped on. I am located in socal if you want to come try the tail on or need more pictures. Price is also negotiable, the tail never fit me so I never had the chance to use it. I feel bad it's been sitting in my room for years and it deserves to be used.

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    Mid Thigh:32
    Mid Calf: 24 1/2
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