Long time lurker, here! Thanks to all the excellent tutorials online, I have finally made my first twin-tail mermaid tail (with detachable fins for easy land-lumbering) and am happy to finally muster up the courage to post on this fabulous forum filled with wonderful mers.

What is your mer name: Alfonsina del mar.

How long have you liked mermaids/mermen: since forever.

What started your interest?
I grew up reading tons of mythology and fantasy novels and fell in love with fantasy movies like Narnia, Harry Potter, Spiderwick Chronicels, RWBY, Jane and the Dragon. Then I found a mermaiding video on youtube and realized I could finally realize my dream of being something magical like that mermaid was.

What you like most about them?

The aesthetic. The adventure. The camaraderie/fellowship. Everything was beautiful and was a great escape from the mundane everyday of school (which I loved by the way), and homework.