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Thread: What do you know about selling tickets?

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    What do you know about selling tickets?

    Hey, what do you know about selling tickets? There are many ways to use event landing pages to sell tickets. The advantage of using a landing page instead of referring interested people to your website is that a landing page offers a much more streamlined experience in an environment that is solely branded to your event.

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    You know, I like to sell event tickets. Whichever discount strategy you choose for selling event tickets, make sure you can easily keep track of the different offers and also make them clear to ticket buyers. You don’t want to end up listing dozens of different ticket types on your event page and confusing potential attendees.

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    Hi, friend. I really love different events and recently I realized that by selling tickets to an event you can get a lot of money. Later I found the ticketinghub platform, signed up and now I'm making money. This is very convenient because I sell tickets to my clients under my own brand. In general, if you are interested in it, you can also try it.


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