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Thread: I need cRYSTALS

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    I need cRYSTALS

    I'm getting a mertailor whimsy 3 and realized.

    hey, I can adhere crystals to the tail for extra sparkleage.

    What should I use to adhere the crystals? I don't want to really use E6000, because of the toxicity, and I'm pretty sure the toxicity is magnified in water... (don't quote me on that.)

    But what will hold the crystals to the tail under water?

    Thank ye for your time.
    The Lady of the (other) Lake

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    you can try crystals with holes that are meant to be sewn on, and heavy duty thread

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    oh that's smart. That way I can sit in the tail and just sort of sew them on while watching Barbie movies or smth.
    The Lady of the (other) Lake

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