I didnt dare made a review before because its not really in topic as mermaids and mermaiding only got a very brief mention in a episode were aquarium workers got to have costumes but to anyone with a interest in both marine life and anime which is lot of people here its a must watch its a really good slice of life anime about Kukuru a girl passionate about marine life since little as she is the daughter of a aquarium director and we follow her steps growing in career this way and meeting other people well its certainly will not win a best plot ever award anytime soon but its pretty chill, with a very holiday at the beach feeling and most characters are sympathetic, nice and pretty moving anyway so whatever, of course understanding her feeling about fishes i get attached strongly to the heroine, which is both positive, having a temper and slightly tomboyish quite fast, her counterpart Fuuka a failed idol searching herself in this new area of work with a sweet angelic personnality and overall shy and polite character is agreable also, they are the two main and the rest of the cast look like dream colleagues. Overall even if the show have a pretty obvious progressist and especially ecologist theme and main message the most radicals of you might be angry that its overidealize work and role of aquariums in marine life preservation tough this subject is a bit touch upon in one episode, but overall it combines instructiveness as you learn a lot about marine life in the story with beauty as they clearly are a lot of very well done and pretty touching scenes especially with a dolphin in the sea, the pinguins the carers takes care of in the aquarium which all have their own names and personality and some pretty touching scences, the sea turtles eggs breaking and litte turtles going to the sea, lots of colorful magnificient fishes and our heroine passion for sea slugs which will probably grow most people watching it to love them too. Besides some CGI that werent the best overall the art is very great and poetic sublimizing all that. Well yeah that's very god but its not a masterpiece either due to a overall slow rythm and the main plot kind of lost halway to make pure slice of life anime but to anyone who dream of a anime about marine life this is and in this way as no other exist that focus on it that much and is this agreable to watch it is a hidden gem so i wanted you to know it exist. Especially as it is full of hope for marine life future we quite need.