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Thread: Anyone have a Lunocet Pro for sale?

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    Anyone have a Lunocet Pro for sale?

    Hey! Sorry this is my first post here- I came from reddit/instagram, and I came here because I figured yíall would know the most about monofins

    Anyways, Iíve been wanting a Lunocet for YEARS, and I wanted to know if anyone was selling one. I donít know of any other monofin that fits the aesthetic Iím looking for quite like the Lunocet does! Iím willing to pay any amount for one, and can discuss here, on instagram, or on whatsapp or telegram!

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    It is unfortunate that Ultimate Swim Fin shut down. That happened at the start of the pandemic, and I expected them to come back once the supply chain started to get straightened out. But so far, nothing. Oddly, their web site is still up, which I makes me wonder if they could still come back.
    No I am not selling mine. I spent so much effort getting a silicone skin from it, and it swims so amazingly well that I am keeping it.
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    Welcome to the Mini Crossword forum. I hope we will have things in common here

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