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Thread: El Paso, TX Mermaid Friendly Pools

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    El Paso, TX Mermaid Friendly Pools

    Just checking in from the southeast corner of the Southwest. The El Paso YWCA Swimming pools allow monofins (I asked), and they didn't even give a second glance when I went in with my full Finfun Elite tail (Front desk and Lifeguard).

    Here is my El Paso, TX public pool List:

    YWCA : Monofins allowed. ($28 per month membership)

    El Paso City Pools : Monofins Banned!

    Fort Bliss MWR Pools : Monofins Banned! Employees not properly trained on policy and nothing in writing that they are willing to show. (Went in full tail 5 times before a supervisor stopped me.)

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    Thanks for this tip!! Are you located in El Paso full time? I'm in Las Cruces
    Mermaid Jade
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