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Thread: Where is every one? Is the forum dead?

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    Where is every one? Is the forum dead?

    Its use to be such a fun place to be but now almost only spam and newbie soon discouraged to quit from no answer are there. Where are you all? Should i quit too? Start to be lonely here. Such a shame it was great before. Can I do anything to get it's life pulse back? Have you been having fun elsewhere? Or is the mermaid community dying? That would be so sad please someone tell me its dont.

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    Ive been wondering the same thing. Ive seen very little activity from the mer community, not just here, but anywhere.
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    I'm pretty new to the community, just got into it about a year ago.
    So, here I am. Currently living in west Texas (El Paso) but not for long. I will be moving to Tuscan, AZ in the next month or so where I will have my own swimming pool.

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    I least there is still us. That said i do not feel confident that i could animate it here more like other did before i mean ive been mermaiding for some years but my occasion to not be just a dry mermaid where few and fare between i dont feel like i have enough fun stylish stories to tell to entertain newbies. I'm kind of half a newbie that way myself...gotta have to guess where all the more experienced are. Having your own swimming pool is lovely for sure (public swimming pool being very prudent sure doesnt help mermaiding thriving in the current situation) very little mermaiding activity isnt zero mermaiding activity so there still that we arent dead yet...i guess we need a way to revive in the present conditions i just dont know how sadly.

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    One problem that merfolks in the USA face is that monofins and mertails are banned at most public pools. I did find one in my city where we are allowed to swim in tails, so that's a plus. Every time I'm there I become the center of attention, and people ask about the tail and monofin swimming.

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    Yes this is the main issue for sure the ban for mertails and monofins in most public pools. I have a sea i can get too with it but yeah its not as easy. The attention also for sure is then unavoidable. Well...but still we loved mers and being a community before swim in tail but that for sure ruin the main attraction sigh...i guess the disinterest is natural but i've been passionate about mermaid since childhood and did enjoy have a community who are just as much as i's decaying is really sad to me therefore.

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    I'm fairly new here, but I've had a hard time trying to navigate and post things. I would love to interact more, it's just been slow and awkward.

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    Hi. Why is it hard to you to navigate and post? I may help with technical stuff. Well sorry to be slow and akward but as im autistic its hardly can be help. That said those old formula forums are slow by nature but they would feel faster if more people were here active as it used to be so.

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    well, between the microaggressive racism, macroaggressive racism, the tone policing, the gatekeeping, the clique-ish "you cant swim with us" behavior, the infighting, the back biting, and all the other drama. alot of people (mainly mermaids of color) found themselves constantly in a block or ban list, or people just got tired of the drama and left.
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    Oh i didnt knew of any of that at all. Sad. Is there any more tolerant place were mers have moved or is the mermaiding trend dead (us i mean because i know its not physicially here in France tough it's dying it do not seem as much as i know of it to have such issues but then again i'm usually the last to hear about dramas)?

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    I've been a member of the forum for, oof, 9 years at this point. Unfortunately, yes, it is pretty dead. Ocassionally there's some activity in the classifieds sections or the tailmaker review threads, but not a lot.

    Most of the mermaid community uses social media as opposed to forums now. There are a lot of mermaid facebook groups out there, some just for buying/selling and others for more discussion. But, there is a lot less discussion, tutorials, and chat than we were capable of having on a forum, in my opinion. For instance it killed the "post your tailmaking progress as you go" aspect of the hobby. In fact, almost no one makes their own tails anymore since it's so easy to buy high quality printed fabric tails from Mertailor, Finfolk, etc. Before it was possible to buy nice tails, lots of people found their way here looking for resources on making their own, where to purchase supplies, etc. That kind of information isn't used as much anymore, people don't think to look for dedicated forums (this is true of pretty much all hobbies) and just look for communities on the social media they already have (Facebook & Instagram these days). But this forum still being here is an incredibly valuable resource, with SO much information and history, so despite the limited visitation/activity I really do hope it stays up or at least archived. I still come visit when I need to look things up and out of nostalgia lol.

    It really is unfortunate I think! But that's where things are at the moment, mermaid-community-wise. I suggest looking in the "pods" section of the board to locate the facebook group for your immediate area, or your state as a whole. If you can't find it in the "pods" section try searching on facebook things like "Ohio mermaids" "North California Mermaid Pod" etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by JamesJAB View Post
    I'm pretty new to the community, just got into it about a year ago.
    So, here I am. Currently living in west Texas (El Paso) but not for long. I will be moving to Tuscan, AZ in the next month or so where I will have my own swimming pool.
    Nice to meet you! I'm located in Las Cruces You've possibly already moved to Tuscan, but if you ever see this, shoot me a message and I can help you join the AZ facebook pod--they're an active bunch and I know there's often meetups near Phoenix, and several live in Tuscan also.
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