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Thread: Advise something for Smart TV App Development

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    Advise something for Smart TV App Development

    Hi, I am interested in Smart TV App Development. What can you recommend? With the ever-growing advancement of internet penetration smart TV, mobile, and 5G infrastructure are set to boost the streaming marketplace fueled with original content production.

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    When you plan to create an android TV app, generally their software is downloaded which is installed into Android devices. You can have the best means of monetization by building an Android TV app you can target & allow users to access OTT platform content & stream it directly into their big-screen TVs.

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    Ohh, it is interesting! Since advertising is a very good business engine, I wanted to find a good advertising company that could make a good advertisement. My friend recommended me one site where I was able to find the best ad tech companies nyc. So I was able to find the advertising company I needed and order high-quality advertising for my business!

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    You have an interesting idea for a startup and is very relevant in our time, I recently saw that the guys from Ronas do an excellent job with Web and mobile development, UX / UI design, post-release maintenance, where they develop projects of varying complexity and scale, and most importantly, it’s not easy beautiful interfaces, and creating them according to the recommendations of each platform to make your application intuitive for users. So be sure to consider this option.


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