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Thread: FinFunís New Elite Line

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    FinFunís New Elite Line

    I was finally able to get into a pool for a fast swim to get my new FinFun Elite Aphrodite Glacier tail wet for the first time. The colors on the tail to start off with are gorgeous! And the tail is so very soft and much heavier than their Mermaiden and Atlantis lines. The new Elite monofin is amazingly powerful.
    from order to doorstep was just under 5 weeks which I think is amazing for a custom tail, as they are making these tails to order.
    The price point of $350 for just the skin with hip fins is an excellent price for the quality tail. The price with the new monofin is $475.00 this also includes FREE SHIPPING for both price points!!!

    I apologize for the cloudyish of the video, my finds pool is beneath a bunch of trees and they like to shed.

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    Ooo! Pretty! Though am only interested in the new monofin. I do hope that one day, they'll replace the Pro/Amp with this kind of monofin.
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    Do you know if the Finis Luna monofin would work well with this tailskin? I've been thinking about buying an Elite ever since the launch, but I'd really rather use my Luna than buy a whole new monofin.

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    So I also own a Luna. And I've heard that throwing it into one of those vinyl supported tails is a really difficult swim. It's not impossible, but it's frustrating enough to not be super joyful either. That said, this verdict was made by a podmate swimming in an old-fabric Finfolk, so it might be easier to do in scuba knit, which the FinFun Elites (and the new-fabric Finfolk) are made out of.

    That said, in my own experience I feel that the Luna takes on drag pretty quickly. It's my go-to fin, but it is so much zoomier out of a tailskin. Like it surprises me every time I take it on a solo-ride. So I'm not especially optimistic about this combo.

    Worth noting that the Elite Monofin has both rigid bladed and soft bladed sections, which is kind of a new innovation. So even though it kinda functions like a softblade, it isn't.

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    There's a video by Mermaid Momma that showcases a lot of Monofins in the Elite tail, and she said that the Luna was too small to properly propel the tail

    Below I'll link the video referenced. it lists a few other Monofin alternatives to the elite as well, so it's a pretty good watch.

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    What I would like to know is this.

    Are there any other tails that the FinFun Elite monofin fit into? I would love a simple tail skin that fits the size and shape of the elite monofin.

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    Hi James, the Elite monofin is very similarly sized to the Linden, so it should fit in any tail a linden will fit.

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    The issue with the Luna will most likely be that it is that it is very flexible and the vinyl sheets are very heavy. The tails with any vinyl sheet needs a more rigid monofin with a wider base to support it or you may struggle with the weight and not swim as well. The Elite monofin is almost size for size with the Linden so a very versatile monofin, as well as comfortable too.
    I do own a Luna as well and use that in my Cape Cali Luna skins.

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