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Thread: Mermaid in Maine!

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    Mermaid in Maine!

    Hello! I am Mermaid Melody, the Mermaid Queen of Harpswell, Maine. I'm 35 and a mother of two. I recently moved to Maine and started mermaiding. I have a finfun monofin and tail, I swim regularly and I am considering going professional. I'm here so I can find other mermoms in their mid 30's and beyond and learn the tricks of the trade - - and I need a pod. Any other mainers or mermoms out there??

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    Hey there Melody, welcome to the MerNetwork forum!

    Are you familiar with the AquaMermaid YouTube channel? Marielle is the owner and founder, and she is an incredible mermaid mom! She's based up in Canada but operates mer-schools in both the US and Canada. I'll post a link to her channel below - definitely worth a look! Best wishes on your Mermaid dreams, don't give up on them! ~ Doug

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    Hi! Thanks for your response and great tip. Sorry for the late response. When I signed up I didn't realize that the forum was dying. I got pretty discouraged and dropped off for a bit. This is a nice surprise. I will check her out and if she has an Instagram that would be even better. Thanks again!

    P. S. Your pod is in the great lakes so I am wondering if you know Mermaid Phantom?


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