Hey there! As the title states, I am reselling a Finfolk tail I purchased back in 2021, Sunrise Serenity, in a size 4XL with dorsal and hip fins added on and vinyl inside the fluke. It's honestly such a gorgeous tail and I adore it so much (the pictures really don't do it justice!), though it's sadly too big on me now that I've lost quite a bit of weight since getting it. And I've just never really even had the time to use it, either, as I already had another tail that I'm super in love with.

Pictures are included below--I only wore this tail once, in my bedroom, just to try it on, so it hasn't even seen the water yet! I paid a total of $585 for it, so I'd be looking to get around that back for it.

I'm also looking to resell my Mahina monofin, size women's large. It's an amazing monofin, but sadly it's a little too small for my feet, so I can't wear it for long! I've worn it maybe twice in a chlorine pool, looking to resell for maybe $50. I'd be happy to sell it with the Finfolk tail! However, Finfolk doesn't recommend using the Mahina in their tail skins, just as a heads-up!

These DO come from a pet-friendly environment--cats and dogs! So please be aware of that.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask or DM me directly! <3