Hi to all of you beautiful mers,
I'm Merman Eoin and I'm from Germany.
I'm quite new to mermaiding but not to the water.
In my youth I was swimming competitions and when I grew older I got my OWD and started scuba diving. Over the years the equipment, which I used for scuba diving, was to much and I sold it.
Still swimming a friend of mine told me about mermaiding and I tried it. I liked it so much that I bought a monofin and a tail and now I'm in it more than I thought. At this point I'm looking to book a course (like PADI Advanced Mermaid or similar).
And I'm also kinda work more and more on my mersona to get more depth to the character and background.

If you have any questions, don't be shy.

Have a mermaising day
Merman Eoin

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