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Thread: Do you grow cannabis?

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    Do you grow cannabis?

    Hello everyone! Is it easy to grow cannabis? I've been thinking of growing it for a while, so I wonder if many people are into it.

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    I have a few friends who grow cannabis, and at one point, I thought of doing the same, but I just didn't want to deal with it.

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    I've been thinking of growing cannabis in my place as well, but not so long ago, I discovered an article by the link, and it turned out that it was illegal. But I hope that in the nearest future, it'll be legal for people to grow it in Florida because it's way less expensive, and it's not complicated at all.

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    Even thought growing cannabis is legal in my place, I don't do that because it's way more complicated than it seems, and dealing with plants is just not for me. I just buy cannabis from, and that's already quite cost-effective and not problematic for me at all, so there's no need for me to worry about the leaves, soil, and something like that.
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    Yees, friend! If you’re getting soil from a store, chances are it’s already pre-fertilised: These nutrients normally last 3–4 weeks, which is also the average duration of the vegetative phase. Spoken differently, with good soil, you will likely not need to give nutrients until the flowering phase begins.

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    Hello, friend. Yes, I have been growing cannabis as of late and I really enjoy doing it. I believe that the best cure for any pain is cannabis. It really helps me deal with it. If you don't know anything about it, I suggest you read this article. Thanks to this site, I learned about the difference between male and female pot plants. I encourage you to read this information!


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