That's terrible. I always feel squicked out when I think about swimming in public pools. :/ Because yes, the chlorine is there for a reason (the bromine when it's a bromine pool of course), but it can't do the job when the number of people and the germs they bring in outweighs its efficacy.

The more people, the more sweat, body oils, skin and hair products, the more sunscreen, and all that can make it harder for the chlorine or bromine to do their job.

It would help if pools had a rule where you had to shower before entering. But even with the signs that say, "Please shower prior to entering..." you will always have people who ignore it, and I imagine pool management feels they don't have the staff to watch for that. Maybe enough shut downs could change that.

And of course you *still* see people who claim that urine is sterile, so just pee in the pool. No matter how many studies are showing otherwise, that myth persists, and urine in the pool means the chlorine is also being depleted by that, when that particular part of what it's working on could be a nonissue, if people would just stop peeing in the pools.