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    So it's raining, and it's cold. Looks like fall is here and I've missed my window this season. I really hope not but I'm starting to be agitated by how bad the weather has been these past two years for swimming and going to the beach. Unusually cold for most of the summer, and then dry as hell which starts fires and blocks out the sun. It's a bummer to be sure.

    Another frustrating point is how impossible it seems to keep my tiny one bedroom apartment clean. I've been devoting two hours a day every morning this past week to tidying and repair projects. It's never ending!
    Sorry about the scrappy weather! That's no fun! But I definitely feel the 1 bedroom apartment struggles! As soon as my bf and I clean ours its a disaster again a day later. I'm also running out of room for my craft supplies.

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    Smaller spaces can be a challenge that's for sure. I'm walking around a 6'X8' canvas in the middle of my living room floor and the makings of a silicone tail on the kitchen floor. It forces me to kick the art projects in the ass to clear up space. Don't even get me started on the Halloween costume allocated to the bedroom.
    Arking, it sounds like you need to get away to somewhere a little more tropical.


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