START: Instagram does not have live chat, but you can still email their support team to ask about a problem. If they do not respond within a week, check your spam folder and send another email. If you receive no response at all after a week, try contacting a different agent. You might get a faster response this way.

If your account is banned by Instagram for some reason, you can ask them to reinstate it. You must first fill out an application form containing your full name, e-mail, and the reason for your account suspension. Once approved, Instagram will review your request within 24 hours. If your account has been suspended because of inappropriate content, you will have to wait longer. buy gmail accounts name If you are banned from Instagram multiple times, your account will be disabled permanently.

Instagram has a lot of users, but they only have a few ways to respond to complaints. Many users have a variety of problems, some of which require a quick response, and some that need to be addressed over time. Luckily, the support team offers different ways to contact them.

You can reach Instagram support by email or by calling the number in their app. Both have similar directions, but the Instagram bot is more likely to deal with your issue if you call them. In addition, you can contact their customer support center through the help center using their website. If you're having trouble opening the website, you can email them directly with screenshots and information about your device.

In addition to these options, you can also report abusive users to Instagram. You can also report a post for harassment or threatening behavior, and Instagram will remove it if necessary. If you're not satisfied with the decision, you can also report the account to a third-party fact-checking agency.

It can take days for Instagram to respond to your request for help if you're in a crisis. buy gmail accounts in bulk Moreover, you're going to need to have a valid email address to do so. Many users have found the support system extremely frustrating. It can take up to three days for Instagram to help you recover your account.

Hackers are targeting Instagram accounts, and restoring control of hacked accounts is a time-consuming and frustrating process. For example, Mashable has received nearly 1,000 emails and messages from users trying to recover their accounts. The support system is slow, confusing, and frustrating. It is vital to follow the steps outlined in the help center to get the account back. If your account has been hacked, it's very important to follow these steps as precisely as possible: read more