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Thread: Neon Purple Yellow Silicone UV Reactive Fliptails Mike Van Daal Full Dorsal + Hip Fin

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    Neon Purple Yellow Silicone UV Reactive Fliptails Mike Van Daal Full Dorsal + Hip Fin

    Here is a photo album full of dozens of photos of this tail as well as the tail care guide:
    (It uploaded all my photos sideways and won't let me fix it. I don't know why, sorry!)

    Here is the link to the Ebay auction where I am selling the tail.
    The auction starts at $4500:
    Ebay has a credit program that runs through PayPal so this tail CAN BE PURCHASED WITH CREDIT if you qualify.

    Here are 2 videos of the tail in action:

    Around waist: 30 in (remember that this sits about 4-6 inches below the belly button if you're around 5ft 6in)
    Around hips: 35
    Around butt: 35-36
    Around mid thighs: 22
    Around knees: 18
    Around calf muscles: 20
    Around ankles: 16
    Foot pocket: There is NO MONOFIN in this tail so almost all foot sizes should fit!

    These measurements were taken by wrapping a soft
    measuring tape around the tail. In areas where the dorsal fin is located, it wouldn't be possible to get an accurate measurement doing it that way,
    so I did those measurements by laying it flat over the top. All other measurements besides the waist, hips, and butt should be given some leeway of 1-2 inches.

    I represented the measurements to the best of my ability in photos. Unlike most of the silicone tails available on the market today,
    this tail sits low on the hip like a pair of low rise jeans from the early 2000s. The tail can stretch to allow a little give when it comes to sizing.
    The silicone is denser than most of the tails I have seen that were made by other artists, so it won't stretch quite as much. When this tail fit me the best, I was 5 ft 6 in tall, had a 27 inch waist (remember the tail sits low, 4-6 inches below the belly button so it never sat on my actual waist), 34 inch hips, and I weighed 125-128 pounds. I was a size medium in Victorias Secret underwear and my pant size was 4-6. Even then, the tail was a bit of a squeeze for me to fit into because I am taller and the waist was much closer to my hips than my actual waist. I personally do not like tight fitting things but I realize that is not everyone's preference.

    A little bit about the auction pricing:
    I am hoping to get $5000 for the tail because it is practically brand new with very little sign of wear. I have started an auction for it on Ebay starting at $4500. I turned the buy it now option on in order to put a cap on the auction for the cheapest it would allow me to. (You never know! I've seen things go for prices far over what they are actually worth during auctions. Instagram petplay ear/tail community, I'm looking at you.) I didn't want anyone who's well off to have an unfair advantage by giving them the ability to bid for more than the tail is worth. I don't know why it wouldn't allow me to list the buy it now for $5000 so my apologies. I can't afford to lower the starting price to anything less than $4500 in order to make the buy it now option cheaper.

    This tail was made by the wonderful Mike Van Daal. Getting a hold of one of his tails is a rare prize and this one is in almost brand new condition. His tails have been worn by Nicki Minaj and Mermaid Melissa. I've swam in it only once and it was used for a small handful of events before I received it as a gift. It's been stored in an air conditioned room for several years and I never even got around to getting a matching top for it. I am selling it because I'm not that into mermaiding anymore. The hobby kind of lost its sparkle for me so I am ready to give this one a new home! It also wouldn't fit me properly now that I've gained a bit of weight.

    Tail features include: dragonskin medical grade silicone, foot pocket (no monofin), UV reactive paint, hip fins, glittered accent scales, fringed full dorsal fin, thick fins/body that can better stand up to the beating these tails go through.

    Safe to use in salt or fresh water. Comes with the original laminated tail care guide (not pictured)

    I have many more detailed up close photos of all the major stress points on the tail. See the link at the top of this thread. There are some signs of wear and tear and all areas with minor signs of wear are pictured. One of the hip fins has a very slight 2-3cm tear at the attachment point and there are a few 1cm minor tears on top of the waist.

    My hope is to sell it on Ebay to protect both myself and the buyer but also to give the buyer a chance to purchase it on credit if they wish to do so. Ebay has a credit program that's done through Paypal. I don't like dealing with 3rd party payment apps and don't feel comfortable selling something so expensive in a way I don't think is safe. I would maybe consider using Zelle which I can do directly through my online banking. (Not the Zelle app, that is different) Zelle is connected with almost every major financial institution in the US.

    I don't know how much shipping will cost and I will have to update the thread with that information at a later date. I've never shipped anything this
    heavy and large before. Obviously if it sells during this auction, I'm going to need to figure that part out. The holiday season is busiest and most
    stressful time for me so I'm going to let the auction expire and see if it sells first before I stress myself by lugging the tail down to the post office to figure that part out. I'm not sure exactly how much it weighs, but when I pick it up, I can tell its at least 40 pounds. I just wanted to list it during this specific time period for the purpose of someone being able to purchase for themselves or as a gift during holiday season. If the auction goes well and I get what I'm expecting to sell it for, I may consider doing free or discounted shipping and cover the rest of the shipping charge myself. This would be valid within the US only. For international, I will need to charge for shipping. The latest date I would be able to ship it after the auction is over is Dec 19th because I will be leaving to visit family until after New Years. The tail would arrive just in time for Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate this time of year. If it doesn't sell, I will need to list it again and have it scheduled to end when I get home so that I'm able to ship it in a timely manner.

    Thank you for listening and taking a look! I hope I can find a forever home for this beautiful tail.

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    Tail has been relisted to Ebay starting at a lower price of $4000!

    If it doesn't sell on auction: I will consider doing a private sale through Zelle directly through online banking,
    NOT the Zelle app. To check and see if your bank allows you to use Zelle please visit this link:
    Contact me if you are interested in buying this tail but don't want to use Ebay.

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