Hi! I'm very brand new to this hobby, and am only just getting started.

I'm a crafty person (seamstress!) and I have a project I'm planning that I've been hunting down materials for. I'm not planning on making a full tail; what I'd like to do instead is to make a simple two-piece swimsuit that's then covered in silicone scales!

Making the scales myself sounds incredibly daunting, and would take a lot of materials/skills/time/space that I simply don't have. What I'd rather do is just buy a large sheet of pre-made silicone scales! Which I can then cut into the specific shapes I want/need, and decorate my swimsuit exactly how I want it. I've been looking at etsy and the sellers linked on this forum, but I just can't find anyone who sells sheets of scales (it seems FancyFishFashions on etsy USED to, but they closed up shop last November). I've found sellers on etsy who do bulk individual scales, but I'd be too worried about losing them, or them falling off; a full sheet would feel more secure for me.

Can anyone point me in the right direction here? (I would prefer something in the USA, since international shipping is such an Ordeal.)