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Thread: Gift jewelry for loved ones

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    Gift jewelry for loved ones

    Hello friends! I want to make a gift for a person close to me, how do you like jewelry?

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    Recently made a gift to my friend from another country. We met when I was traveling in India. I remember him telling me how much he loves to wear jewelry around his neck. We haven't seen each other for two years and I decided that I want to fulfill his little dream because he can't afford it. I was passing through his city and we met with him. He was very glad to see me. I gladly handed him the cuban link chains. He did not expect such a gift from me and did not want to accept it. But I stood my ground. He could barely hold back his tears...

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    I think that you can combine jewelry together with a cool illustration or a greeting card. I have recently gifted one to my GF Selena using website. So, maybe you will find something that fits a taste of your close person as well?


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