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Thread: Mermaids Swim-Along

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    Quote Originally Posted by ireneho View Post
    I would love to go... Really really! But I got myself a casual job, started this morning, and we're not allowed to take sudden holidays. If there was one near or during Christmas, I'll definitely go. It would be great to meet all the Aussie mers and maybe one of you can teach me properly how to swim! I always forget when I'm at the pool trying to remember youtube videos...
    The Last mermaid swim is November 29th... just before December. However if you are in Adelaide in December feel free to send me an email and I would love to arrange a swim with you.

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    Video from our meet held last Saturday
    When Fantasy is Reality

    Links: ^_^
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    I'm in regional NSW. I've just ordered my first tail and am hoping one of the local pools will allow me to use it, otherwise I may be able to use the pool that a family friend has. I'd be happy to travel for some mermaid meet-ups in NSW if anyone decides to organise one.


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