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Thread: Is debt consolidation worth it?

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    Is debt consolidation worth it?

    So, I've heard mixed reviews about Credit consolidation companies. I currently have a car loan along with student loans. My problem is the 13k in credit cards I have. One is 5k, the other is 4k, the other 2 are 2k a piece. My question is: Is it worth it to go to a consolidation place since the payments are killing me? Since they can talk the companies down and appear to be able to save me thousands, or do I just keep paying the minimum for the next 10-15 years, I know the best thing to do is just pay as much as I can as often as I can, but that's not possible and they just keep adding up due to past late fees. Thanks in advance!

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    For me, it all depends on how difficult a financial situation you find yourself in. If you understand that there are too many loans and debts and you cannot solve this problem on your own, then it is really worth reading welendus reviews and trying to get help from these guys. They are real professionals in the field of debt consolidation and can help you get rid of all your loans and debts!


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