Yep! I'm a new mermaid. I'm not sure I can even consider myself one till I have a tail (working on it). I just ordered my first monofin!

I'm a big girl, and until recently, I wasn't even aware I was.. allowed(?) to be a merperson. I am SO excited to learn otherwise <3

I've always been into mermaids, and if any one word could describe my preferred aesthetic, it would be merperson XD Shiny? Yes please. Jingly dangles? More of that if you don't mind. Blue hair? Of course.

I've also decided to be The River Orca. I live near a river and plan to swim there often, and have always had a bit of an obsession with Orcas... and again, I'm a big girl, why not lean into the size XD

I'm from Chattanooga, TN, so if any of you are nearby and want to direct me to a pod/group/meetup.. I'd appreciate it! <3