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Thread: Siki Red Fins and the Elusive Extended Tail

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    Siki Red Fins and the Elusive Extended Tail

    Hey guys! I'm currently in the process of planning and designing some silicone tails which I'll be making for myself and a few close IRL friends. From the beginning I knew I wanted to make my tails both extended and with clear(ish) fins/flukes. I've been doing quite a lot of research, and it seems like the only way to achieve my goal is a similar method to how Siki makes his tails. I'm wondering, does anyone know how he achieves both the extension and keeping his tails monofinless?

    Please note, I'm not trying to duplicate his or anyone's work here! I've taken inspiration from a variety of tail makers who I admire, but my tails are not intended to be copies of anyone else's. Just wanted to make that clear since I am asking about a specific artist here.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Oh hello! I am doing the same!

    My design is more heavily inspired by Mermaid Aquata's design, mainly because I'm not sure how SikiRedFins does the their extension. I found that I liked the movement on Aquata's just a little bit more. That said, I imagine they function in a similar manner?

    I included links to Aquata's YouTube tutorials. Similarly, I'm using her design as a springboard to create something that will work a bit more for my bodies idiosyncrasies. Let me know if they help!

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    heyyy! I have a tutorial on my channel for an extended monofin and (fairly) clear monofin, although I am not sure if that's the way you want to go

    this is the link for it: Making a H2O add water mermaid tail! - YouTube


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