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Thread: Question about making swimmable crowns

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    Question Question about making swimmable crowns

    Shello all! I am starting a mermaid Art and accessories business and am trying to create items like crowns that can be swam in. I am snack in the middle of creating a very private crown, but I question my materials. I have searched EVERYWHERE on how to make these so that they can be worn in the water…but how do I waterproof them?? What glue and or sealant is recommended?
    Any and all tips or leads are VERY much appreciated!

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    That sounds really cool, I wish you lots of luck with business and crafting! I've seen some people say that they use resin or E6000 to waterproof things, or matte spray varnish for simpler pieces! Definitely avoid using real dried starfish (lest they begin to decay) and I'd recommend making sure any glitters or sequins you use are very well-sealed onto the accessories- if they come off in water they can damage the ecosystem, and small creatures will try to eat them! This thread gives info on what metals are okay in water, and what to do to keep them from being damaged:

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