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Thread: Airbnb Co-Hosting advice for newbie needed

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    Airbnb Co-Hosting advice for newbie needed

    I am in the process of learning how to start a Co-Hosting business on Airbnb. I live in Florida, and would set-up my LLC here, as well as manage the Airbnb's in the area that I live in. Basically, my idea is to find furnished homes for rent on Zillow or Craigslist that have been sitting on the market, and send an email to the owner of projections of how the property could perform on Airbnb. My job as the Co-Host would be to create a contractional agreement between myself and the owner of the property, create and optimize the listing on Airbnb, handle guest communication, check-in's and check out's, maintenance and cleaning, and reviews and ratings.
    I have a general idea of what to do, but I wanted to reach out on this forum to see if anyone else has experience similar to what I am doing and if there is any advice that could be helpful for me to know going into this. To clarify, I have never hosted on Airbnb before.

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    I think you should try using management software for your airbnb, it should make your life easier.

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    Could you tell me more about this software? I haven't heard anything about it before.

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    See, you can use vacation rental software, it makes it very easy to control your business by automating many processes, for example check-in of guests, cleaning of your airbnb and many other processes that can be managed remotely. In general, automating operations with such software allows you to simplify management and maximize revenue through scalability and a mobile lifestyle.


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