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Thread: Lanai's Mermaid Parties Tail Review

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    Talking Lanai's Mermaid Parties Tail Review

    Check 2nd mermaid parties tail review
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    Senior Member Pod of Cali Nemefish's Avatar
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    Mar 2012
    garden grove, California
    nice lookin tail

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    Member Pod of The South Raivynn's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
    Columbia, Tennessee
    I think I may have just turned into a jellyfish. :P

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    thankies everyone, Im so happy Im seriously looking forward to next wednesday..

    lol @Raivynn, no need to be jelly

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    Member Pod of The South Raivynn's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
    Columbia, Tennessee
    My fins arrived today, so it won't be too much longer, and I will have my tail also!

    Your tail looks amazing on you, and I am really waiting to see you swim in it!!!

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    Raivynn, thats great I cant wait to see your tail

    If you can wait till thursday next week you'll get to see me swim in my tail

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    OMG, I want one sooo bad,if so many things weren't coming, breaking down and just plain having to be replaced.I'd have one by now. Hoping I have a good show in Michigan so I can get one...

    The silver looks so amazing, did she make the shell top too?

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    Wowy zowy!
    That tail looks so pretty! I love the pearl color with the turquoise it really highlights
    the features!
    Maybe we'll get a snazzy swim video? Ehhh ehhhhh?????
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    @Michellerobinson - The shell top was made by MermaidsRUs and thank you

    @Kanti- Hold your Thursday next week I promise You will get a swim vid.

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    Member Euro Pod MafaldaMermaid's Avatar
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    Wonderful Tail!!!!
    I love the shape and colors

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    Senior Member Pod of The South Mermaid Rillia's Avatar
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    Love the colors! look forward to seeing the swim videos!
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    thanks so much, stephanie did a wonderful job with my tail. and Yes swim pics and vids will be coming soon

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    Senior Member North Pacific Pod LindseyLu's Avatar
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    Portland Oregon
    You look gorgeous in your new tial Lanai!!!!! Congratulations!!!! (great review too btw!)

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    Senior Member Undisclosed Pod
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    Jul 2011
    I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU you deserve a beautiful tail that makes you happy. Go swim!!! <3

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    thank you LindseyLu and Raina im very happy with it and i will go swim soon, i just need to wait till florida, we have wierd weathere here in hot one min nippy the next,

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    I love the silver! And the fluke shape is so fun and unique. I can't wait to see how it swims!

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    Love the tail and the colours! Glad your happy with it.

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    i cant wait to take a dip in the pool thank you

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    Senior Member Euro Pod Toxotes's Avatar
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    MermaidLanai, your tail looks very interesting.
    I kinda like that duo-tone style, back and front in different colors.

    You make a very beautiful mermaid.

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    thank you so much, im kind of a shy mermaid to say the least but i feel good in tail:
    silver and blue are my favorite colors, i wanted to stray away from pink, purple, red colors, So silver and blue and then the black spines to make it more.. me.. i

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