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Thread: A team of specialists in a construction company.

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    A team of specialists in a construction company.

    Hi friends! I'm looking for a team of specialists for my company. I've already sent out ads and websites, but no luck. There are no specialized people in this field. For the construction company I need a software that can control the work of all the construction system. Can you tell me where to find such people?

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    Hi! Finding good professionals for your company can be a daunting task.Many professionals are self-employed and offer their services through freelancer search platforms such as Upwork . When looking for professionals, it's important to clearly define the requirements and expectations. This way, you can attract those who are truly a good fit for your company. Good luck with your search!

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    Thank you, of course. I would like to know and clarify which company I should choose to hire professional companies. I know firsthand there are outsourcing agencies for the recruitment of employees, but where and what how to contact exactly do not know.

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    Hi all. no, you are mistaken and in fact there are many specialists in this area who can help you. You're probably just unlucky in your search. but that's not a big problem. and most importantly, choose exactly those specialists who can help you. for example if you are interested, you can look here:
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