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08/15/10 07:46:25
I have a mermagica tail and it is actually very well made. After about two months of use though, the sides started to rip. I can easily sew it back up, but I hope the rest doesn't fall apart. The tail fits very well and looks beautiful in the water. When I am on land, it doesn't look too realistic, and when I lift it up out water the fabric is nearly transparent and you see the monofin, but I suppose this can't be helped with any fabric tails. Overall experience...


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08/15/10 18:15:48
I have a stretch vinyl tail that doesn't look great on land either but really rocks in the water!

Winged Mermaid

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08/15/10 23:04:36
In my experience, seams usually rip on a fabric tail because they were stitched with a straight stitch. The fabric stretches, and so the thread/seams needs to be able to stretch as well. I recommend that when you repair your tail, sew it with a stretch stitch, such as a zig-zag stitch. Also I've found lycra in general (tail or bathing suit) can break down if you don't rinse out the fabric after each use.


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08/16/10 06:54:57
Thanks for the tips, I will try that when I am sewing up my tail.