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Thread: Credit card debt?

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    Credit card debt?

    I have about 6k in credit card debt with both of my credit cards maxed out. Should i pay it off in all in one go if i am finally at place where i can start to pay it of by the thousands?

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    Hello, in reality, only one procedure will lead to cancellation of debts - declaring the debtor bankrupt. It is possible to obtain this status again through the courts. But a partial write-off of fines and interest on a loan is also possible, and this is done by specialized companies. By the way, credit9 reviews bbb has information on how such companies work.

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    I have a Kohls card. Lately it has stopped working and I want to cancel it. Can you please explain how to cancel a Kohls card or where to find information on this? Thank you.

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    To cancel Kohls card, you are best to contact their customer support team by phone or visit the official website of Kohls where you will find information about the cancellation procedure. Also, on the page, you can find useful tips and experiences of other users on the procedure like cancel kohls credit card. This additional information will be helpful for you.


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